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Lord Jesus, I am aware of the sin struggle in my life. My choices have led me astray from you and into the wrong places. I’ve listened to the whispers of my enemy instead of Your words in Scripture, and the result has been negative. 

I know that you love me despite the decisions I have made but I would like to repent and turn back to you. Your truths are what I genuinely desire, even though I struggle to remain committed and disciplined to your ways. Instead of taking thoughts captive and confessing them immediately, I allowed them to grow and be the leader of my choices. They only gave birth to deeper sin entanglements.

You created me in Your own image, Lord. You know my thoughts before I speak them. You see through my excuses and are in tune with my intentions.

Your Spirit warned me, but I ignored You.

So today I’m confessing my desperate need for You. You have promised that if we will confess our sin, You will forgive us and make us clean again. Lord, I truly need You in my life.

 I need Your help to help me want the things you want for me because sometimes I let my flesh take the lead. 

Just as You created the world out of nothing, Lord, create a clean heart out of me.  Restore my life and the relationship we once had. 

 I take all the blame—I own my own sin. I just pray that you make me better.

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