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I'm very well known for having a really upbeat and positive personality. But truth be told, I've had to face my own trials and tribulations that most people don't know about. I'll spare you all the details but the main thing that has proven to me over the years that God is real and that his love for me indefinite is HIS PROVISION. 

Whether it was in finances, in support, in insight, blessings or even hardships...God has always been able to reveal Himself to me in ways that have reassured me that is a GOOD God. 

I'm actually a "new" mom. I just had a beautiful baby girl last year (2019), whom I named Janae, and prior to her being born I guess I could say I was just going through the motions of life. I was involved in a relationship that at the time, I didn't understand how negative it was for my spirit. Actually, many of my relationships were not "the greatest" --not just in my intimate life but also with friends and family. I was able to break away from most of that and set boundaries where I needed them most (as difficult as it was) and eventually I found myself so content. Or so I thought. 

I met my current boyfriend and I realized very quickly that this man was the love of my life. He and I had our rocky patches as any relationship would but we decided to take a step forward and plan for a family.

Pregnancy was beautiful. I enjoyed every moment so I want to tell you that motherhood is everything I thought it would be but it isn't.


Motherhood is amazing. Motherhood is where all love begins and never seems to end. It's a sleepless but exciting journey, not a destination. A mother understands what her child does need to say.  Motherhood is challenging but a mother's LOVE perceives no impossibilities. It's a choice I make everyday, to put Her happiness and well-being above my own and I do it with courage. It's teaching lessons and doing the right (and best) thing for US  even if I'm not sure what it is. And most importantly it is being able to forgive myself along the way. 

I've learned that Motherhood is a demonstration of God's love.

I grew up in family that had faith in God so His existence was always something I knew of. There have been times in the past that I have regrettably doubted Him --out of frustration and anger with life as it came to me. But as a growing and thriving adult a friend ...a sister and a girlfriend ...I have come to learn that GOD IS REAL AND HE IS SO GOOD TO ME ALL THE TIME; even if I don't understand right away. I might not attend "church" every Sunday but God knows my heart.I have been able to practice my faith in my own ways. God has never left my side and I know even when I'm not feeling my best He and His angels are covering me. I am so thankful that He has been able to show me his Greatness through my daughter and family. 

---Elyse's testimony : About
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