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Gio Dee


I should probably start off by explaining my “rap name” because I get it…it IS controversial but I’m going to hold off on that and stick to who I am first ; and that’s David. 

I am a creative, I am passionate, I am impressionable, and I am far from perfect but do identify as Christian. 

If you have any familiarity of prominent figures in the bible there’s one man named David who was considered to be “a man after God’s own heart” (Acts 13:22). He is most remembered for his defeat against a giant warrior named Goliath and his own trials and tribulations during his reign of Israel. 

The reason I mention him is because I genuinely believe I relate to him in so many ways. 

I actually grew up in the church. As a child my Haitian grandmother always embraced me with the Christian faith so I feel like it’s something I have always been around. However, I didn’t necessarily have my own relationship with God, at least not yet. 

I started attending a church in Mattapan, Massachusetts called Jubilee when I was in the 7thgrade, actually as my mother’s form of punishment; or discipline, I guess.  I had gotten in trouble at school one too many times. This time? I had been expelled and my mother had her last straw. Thinking back on it now I understand she was just trying to steer me in a better direction than I was going. At the time though, I was young and had only taken the opportunity to be on my own agenda with my brother. So yes, I’m admitting we went to church for the girls! We would get in our flyest gear to be sure that we were dressed to impress. 

Eventually, we had become more engaged. I established a good relationship with my pastors and other church members because we had started to go more frequently. We added some Sundays and other days to be more involved in and outside of church and I started to STEP. Not sure if you know what that is but it’s basically a form of dance ..or art where you basically use your body as an instrument. You use footsteps, claps and spoken word to produce sounds and rhythms.

Anyway It was when I started to really get into this that I started to understand what brotherhood was.  The friendships and bonds I made while STEPPING and being in the church, set the stage for positive change. The older brothers in the group would look out for us and steer us away from the streets, drugs, and other avoidable problems. They’d remind us of the Kings we were and kept us grounded. These relationships started to mold me and address my character flaws. They taught me about God’s love and His goodness. They taught me about God’s will and how my purpose in life would be fulfilled with His guidance. More specifically, there was a time where I had gathered the courage to step up during alter call and Pastor Theresa had prayed over me. She had  prophesized that I was going to be used by God to do great things and change lives. I became more receptive to listening the Word and how I could apply it after that. Pastor Mike and Brother John definitely were able to pastor to me in ways that were not traditional to get past my anger and behavioral issues. I’m so thankful for it because by age 16 I made the decision to be baptized---which for me was a very big deal because it was an authentically made choice. I  had genuine desire to have more of God in my life. Even if I seemed careless about my relationship with Him at that age, I think I knew in my spirit that I had a calling over my life. I knew I had God’s hands over my goals and aspirations and to be honest it was music. 

I decided to pursue a rap career full time. 

After a frustrating academic career at Berklee. Yes, I did attend college----a surprise considering I was a troubled student at one point prior.

But this decision to focus on my music career did not come easy. It was one that came with many temptations, trials and tribulations. It’s definitely tested my faith but it has shown me that God’s presence in it is undoubtedly evident. 

Early on in my music career I prayed, and I decided to name myself “Gio Dee” which is a double entendre. If you say it out, it sounds like you’re spelling GOD (“G – O – D”). I know that ruffled some feathers within my church community, but truth be told if you look into the meanings Gio and David – together actually they mean “Gracious Beloved Musician.” 

And music? Music is my world. It’s my outlet. It’s my therapy. It’s solution. 

I’ve continued to grow as a musician, as an artist, and as a Christian over the years regardless of how it might appear to others. 

 I’ve experienced so much. Whether it was loss of a friend (or several), betrayal, anger, resentment, relationship issues, stability, my family’s health, mental health, and of course becoming a father at a time I least expected--- God showed me His love has never wavered. I have never been without his presence. He's opened so many opportunities for me and clearly blessed me with some amazing gifts. 

I think that’s what I hold on to now. I’ll be honest. That regardless of how close or far I am from the physical building of a church? HE IS ALWAYS THERE.  I feel like I am able to rely on him so much more and remain confident in His Plan for me. 

So now, I try my best to pray as often as I can and seek Him whenever I make important decisions.

When I think of God, 

I know him to be the creator of everything even passed my understanding.

And I guess that’s what I want to share with you. 

"Nothing comes from nothing."

Think of a painting…. It has an artist 

A car has a manufacturer.

A book has an author.

A meal has a chef.

A statue has a sculptor.

And if you’ve been in church as long as I have, you’ve heard of God described as the potter (Isiah 64:8) 


I’m still growing and learning to be a better man…a better Christian (even if it’s not the 'text-book' way to do so).

BUT  I know I’ve GROWN for the better in so many ways. 

 I’ve been in God’s presence and felt energy shifts in the rooms where His Spirit manifested. I have felt His Spirit  change the environment. Nothing is like it.

And if you ever decide to take that step to establish a relationship with Him you won’t regret it. I just want you to know that it’s an ongoing process and it’s up to you to keep that relationship open. 

I know if God has been able to stick by my side through all the craziness of my life. He’ll do it for anyone. His love is unconditional and unearned. Consider it because it’s what keeps me working. He knows my heart and I know he knows yours. 

---Gio Dee Testimony: About
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