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Hello everyone, God bless you, I hope you are doing well today. I wanted to say that God has been more than amazing to me. Many lessons and challenges came but the grace of God has been there since day one. I have been going to church for almost twelve years and each year I had the best year or my worse year. I am going to tell you about my worse year yet because I know writing this is going to be hard, but I know behind this God will make something much bigger. 
The year is 2019, yes, I know it was last year but as everyone thinks it is a new year, new me kind of thing. My birthday is in January, I am always excited because I can see a new year and get to celebrate a new age as well. But this time it is different. Couple of days before my birthday, I started getting an abnormal pain in my stomach, I thought it was a bug and it will pass. My birthday came and so did the pain. At this point, I went to the ER and got admitted for inflection. Not even a week had passed, and I was admitted to hospital again and to find out I had stones in my gallbladder. They had to remove it as soon as possible. My life was going insane, I never missed a day of work. Now, I had to be in recovery for two weeks. Everything was fine until we hit February. I know February, I had a health scared but I don’t remember details of it. Here comes March with another scare.
In the beginning of March, I was going to my primary doctor for a normal checkup. Everything looked fine until two weeks passed, I received a call from the nurse stating they had to check me again because my uterus was inflected but was not too sure how it got inflected because I didn’t feel no pain. In the end of March, all I had to do is drink a pill and go see the doctor and make sure I was cleared. 
I really thought everything was done. Think again! Nope! Another health scared came up in April. It was something in my labs that was alerting the doctors to check on me once again. No pain once again. 
Four months of health scares in 2019, but I thought I was never going to make it out alive. I thought I was going through something worse. All I thought was why God? Millions of questions coming in and out. My whole family was praying but I felt like it was a battle that I cannot win. I thought it was going under water, who will save me? Not my mom, not my boyfriend, not my best friends, not even my brother will save me. I had to look for God deeper and deeper each time. When you can find words to express yourself. Just praise him in the strong. No better way than having an amazing God in the strong. God will bring you into challenges to make you a stronger warrior. As us humans, we want credit or start drama when we must stay quiet and look for God. He has the best plans for everyone. 
This is my testimony and I hope God shines the light for everyone who reads this. God bless you!
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---Kaniely's Testimony: About
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