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How do I Know God is Good?

My mom has always been known to be resilient. Tackling on all life’s challenges head first. Not once growing up have I ever heard her make up excuses. When she set out a goal she’d be determined to reach it, no matter what. 

My mother is most recognized for her amazing talents as a beautician. 

Juana a.k.a Janny or Honey! After retirement she became infatuated with trying out different hairstyles. One of her favorites being box braids. 

She rocked that look for four years. 

Some loved it some didn’t but that didn’t matter to her. 

Her confidence was on 1,000! 

After a while she had decided that after her 66th birthday she would let down her braids and have her natural hair shine. 

Unfortunately, not even a month later, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer & ironically the worst news for her was that she was going to lose all of her hair.

This impacted her hard, because she was ready to enjoy her natural hair after so long. 

Her strength was tested, I saw my mom fall weak to her knees. All hope wiped from her eyes. 

I’d pray every night searching for answers.

Prayers began to pour in from strangers, friends and family around the world. 

Thanks to my moms love for traveling!

Our faith became stronger, and my moms positive mindset helped us push through. 

Two months later, the results from the chemotherapy showed drastic improvement. 

The prayers had been working. 

It was a miracle! 

Despite all of the agonizing side effects and seeing my mom become bed bound for days after chemo, she always pulled through!

This strengthened my faith in God because 

I could see his work being done right in front of me.

I promised myself I wouldn’t cry until this fight was over.

Whether that be that she beat the cancer or the other way around.

Finally after her surgery, we were given the best news yet.

The cancer is gone!

& although she still has some chemo left, she is more than half way done and on the track to being in remission.

One thing I learned from this is that it can happen to anyone.

They say “God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers” & I stand by this.

By this happening to my mom it only made her stronger.

She had said from the beginning, 

“God if you help me get through this I promise to give testament of your glory” 

& now she is

My God is so good!

---Loren's Testimony: About
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